Janelle Metchewais

Host of Life Happens, One Step At A Time

About Me

I was in an abusive relationship for 11 brutal years. There were good times, and bad times - though more bad than good. With all the verbal, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, I started drinking my pain away, became suicidal - and with two young boys, I was so broken I could no longer care for them.One night in August 2020, around 10pm, I went to the backyard to say my tearful goodbyes to my two best friends Tony and Alexis. My next step was to jump off the roof, but I ended up collapsing to the ground, on my knees, crying uncontrollably. Tony and Alexis came and held me and just let me cry. I cried until I thought I'd run out of tears, then cried some more. When I finally calmed down, they took me inside to clean up...So many thoughts swirled around in my head. How did I get here? Why was I so vulnerable to my abuser? Could I remember a time when abuse wasn't part of my normal?After calming down, I realized that I couldn't stay there anymore. I broke the news to my boys that I had to go "fix my broken pieces."A week later, I kissed them goodbye, and Tony drove me to Calgary. It's been a difficult road of ups and downs. I have since been diagnosed with CPTSD, I have continued to work on self, and have begun to unpack where this uncomfortable journey began.Things are getting much better. I am writing children's stories, and working on this podcast about my story. Through these, I hope to help others by letting them know they are NOT alone in this. The first step was the hardest but with courage and support, I took it. You can do it too! I know you can, You've got this!

My Podcast

Each episode of my podcast is deeply personal and deeply emotional. Every two weeks, I share the small piece of my story which has taken my focus at the time of recording. My hope is that these fragments will show those who have struggled in the same ways that they are NOT alone. I also hope that a complete picture of myself will be revealed to me in the process.

Current Episode

This week I say goodbye to my Auntie Vi. She was a complicated woman, and far from perfect but I loved her just the same.I lost her without having the opportunity to express how much she meant to me. In honour of her, please take a moment to hug those you care about because tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Listeners are welcome to reach out to me. Let's support each other!